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Our member-growers represent 1200 acres of orchard and produce almost 12% of all the apples grown by Ontario's commercial growers.

Our Future is Bright.

Although the number of members becomes successively smaller as time goes on, production has increased dramatically. Our growers are committed to continuous improvement through innovation and forward thinking that build on generations of knowledge and experience. The long-standing tradition of farming in Norfolk is upheld within the NFGA – some of our growers have been with us for four or five generations, reaching back to our original charter members.

Established as a limited-liability company with a one member/one vote practice, strategic decisions are made by the board of directors who employee a General Manager to execute on the day to day operations.

Accountability to Our Growers

Our Association is structured to track each members’ apples on an individual packout basis. At the end of the harvest year, the fruit is pooled by variety and payout is based on the average price per unit. After deductions are made for overhead costs, the members receive all the proceeds available from the pool. Members are provided with field containers and other orchard supplies as well as technical information services to ensure a quality product and consistency at every step of production.

Individual blocks of fruit are tracked, from orchard to market, so that our growers can stay informed about how their fruit has performed. This allows the growers to alter their individual production systems to better meet the market’s needs.

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