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Our modernized storage rooms allow the NFGA to bring our customers crisp, juicy apples for up to 10 months of the year.

Storage facilities exceed 3,500,000 cubic feet

Our storage facilities exceed 3,500,000 cubic feet (102,000 cubic metres). This represents a combination of cold, controlled-atmosphere, low-oxygen, common, and dry storage areas which can accommodate 1,000,000 bushels in storage.

Automatic control of its atmospheric conditions

Each of our controlled-atmosphere storage rooms is connected to a computerized air and temperature monitoring system to allow automatic control of its atmospheric conditions. A hollow-fibre membrane nitrogen generator in each building establishes the oxygen level in controlled-atmosphere storage, avoiding the introduction of hydrocarbons that would influence the production of ethylene, the fruit’s natural ripening agent.

To find out more about storing your apples with the NFGA, please contact us here or call us at 519-426-0640.