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Our History 

The NFGA started in March of 1906

Our Roots Run Deep.

The Norfolk Fruit Growers’ Association started in March of 1906 as a way for its members to cooperatively market their apples and it has continually done that ever since.

There were originally 13 members. The membership has changed over the years from a high of over 500 in the 1930’s to today where five members and associate members collectively farm over 1200 acres of orchard.

The purpose of the Association today remains the same as it was in 1906 and that is to enhance the returns to its members by providing its customers with top quality apples.

In the early days of the Association, growers packed their own apples in barrels right in the orchard, under the supervision of Association-appointed inspectors. Grades were randomly verified by travelling inspectors and growers were paid according to the number of barrels of each grade they shipped.